Beginning to Fly Helicopters

Learning to fly a helicopter is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can be a frightening one, quite understandably. You’re suddenly in charge of a million and one pieces that are constantly trying to vibrate themselves apart in mid air, and you’re suddenly responsible for pedals and sticks and throttles and temperature gauges and more.

That being said, the best place to start is to purchase a copy of a good flight simulator application. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a good example. Try flying a virtual helicopter for a while to see if you can stomach the idea of being in the cockpit.

The next step would be contacting your local flight school that offers Helicopter Pilot Training. The FAA¬†certifies flight schools to offer rotor craft (the technical term for a helicopter pilots’ license) license instruction.

The next step would be to contemplate if you’re going to purchase your own helicopter (most commonly, a Robinson model). R22 Helicopters cost just over $250,000 brand new or they can be rented from many flight schools for $250 per hour.

Finally, you’ll have to take and pass a test administered by a designated examiner. Your flight school will help with this.